Adult Inclusion Conjunctivitis

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Adult Inclusion Conjunctivitis


Adult inclusion conjunctivitis is a comparatively long-lasting form of conjunctivitis, caused by certain strains of the bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis.



Adult inclusion conjunctivitis usually spreads by contact between the eye and genital secretions containing C. trachomatis; from a person suffering the genital chlamydial infection.

Infants whose mothers were affected by adult inclusion conjunctivitis during pregnancy also have a considerable likelihood of developing inclusion conjunctivitis.


Symptoms and diagnosis

Symptoms of adult inclusion conjunctivitis include:

·         Irritation and inflammation of the eyelid;

·         Stringy, mucus discharge from the eye; and

·         Symptoms typical of chlamydia.

Conclusive diagnosis can be achieved by obtaining, cultivating and identifying the C. trachomatis organism in the conjunctival discharge.



If left untreated, adult inclusion conjunctivitis may last for months.

Irritation of the eyelid may be eased by warm or cool compression.

C. trachomatis is usually combated by antibiotics, which are taken orally.

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