Anal Atresia

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Commonality is rare
Commonality is rare
Incidence is approximately 1 in 3,500 people
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Anal Atresia


Anal atresia is a defect of the digestive system in newborn babies, wherein the anus is malformed; either narrowed or obstructed. In many cases, an abnormal passage (fistula) is also formed between the anus and the urethra, bladder or vagina.


Symptoms and diagnosis

Most babies with anal atresia are unable to defecate normally. Eventually, an obstruction in the intestine forms.

The condition involves very obvious defects, and can be easily detected by doctors upon inspection of the baby’s anus at birth.

X-ray imaging can also enable doctors to locate and identify fistulae.



Anal atresia often requires immediate surgery. This enables faeces to pass, while closing the fistula.

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