Brisk Rubbing of Affected Part

Increase Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Diet

Pesco-vegetarian (vegetarian diet with fish)

Air Conditioning

Alcohol Rationing

Alphabetic Orthography

Antibacterial Mouthwash

Antiperspirant Deodorant

Apply Ice

Apply Ice Water-Soaked Towel to Head and Body

Avoid Acidic foods (eg. Tomatoes and Tomato-based Preparations; Citrus Fruits and Citrus Juices; Carbonated Soft Drinks, etc)

Avoid Allergens

Avoid Aspirin

Avoid Causative Drug

Avoid Drinking Water

Avoid Drugs that Impair Platelet Function (eg. Quinine, Trimethoprim, Chemotherapy Drugs)

Avoid External Irritants (e.g soaps, medications)

Avoid Hepatotoxins

Avoid Hormonal Contraceptives

Avoid Intense Sun Exposure

Avoid Iodine-Rich Food

Avoid Jaw Clenching or Teeth Grinding

Avoid Long, Hot Showers

Avoid Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)

Avoid Positioning of Lower Jaw to an Edge-to-Edge Bite

Avoid Pregnancy (unless approved by doctor)

Avoid Scratching

Avoid Sexual Intercourse

Avoid Spicy Foods

Avoid Stimulants (e.g caffeine)

Avoid Tampon Use

Avoid Tap Water

Avoid Tight Garments

Avoid Touching Uninfected Eye

Avoid Trans Fat Diet

Avoid Water Near Ear

Avoid Wearing Contact Lenses

Avoidance of Cold Air

Avoidance Therapy

Bedwetting Alarm


Caloric restriction diet (CREAHR) average healthy requirements

Chew Food Thoroughly

Chewing Gum

Classroom Accommodations

Cold Compress

Cold Water

Compression Bandage

Continued Breastfeeding

Cool Washcloth Applied to Eye

Crest Pad

Decrease Dietary Calcium

Do Not Induce Emesis (Vomitting)

Drink and Brush Teeth with Bottled Water

Early Mobilisation

Eat Salty Foods

Elevate Head of the Bed


Elevation of Leg

Equalise Pressure by Swallowing, Chewing Gum etc

Family and Social Support

Fluid Restriction

Forceful Massage of Tear Sac

Gluten free diet

Hair Removal

Heel Pads

Home or Self Monitoring

Hot Compress


Immediate Mobilization

Immerse in Ice Water

Increase Potassium Rich Foods

Increased Frequency of Breastfeeding

Increased Living Hygiene

Increased Personal Hygiene

Intermittent fasting (IF3BB) no eating 3 hours before bedtime

Intermittent fasting 12 hours (IF12) 8pm to 8am


Jaw Stretching and Relaxation Exersizes

Joint Immobilization

Keep Area Between Toes Dry (eg. After Showering)

Keep Diary to Identify Triggers

Keep Fingers Warm (Warm Water or Warm Part of Body)

Keep Goodbyes as Brief as Possible

Kneading the Perineum After Urination

Limb Elevation

Limiting Time in Institutions

Low Fat Diet

Lumbosacral Back Control

Moderation Management

Moisturising Mouth Wash or Spray

Moisturizing Cream

More Exposure of Affected Area to Air

Occupational Therapy

Orthopedic Support

OTC Depilatory Creams

Passive Mobilization

Passive Rewarming (Using Body Heat or Room Temperature)

Pelvic Floor Muscle Training


Pinching of Nasal Alae (Highest Soft, Fleshy Part of Nose)

Plucking Ingrown Hairs with Tweezers

Postural Drainage Therapy

Powered Toothbrushes

Prevention of Weight Loss

Quiet, Calm Environment

Regular Assessment of Symptoms

Remedial Education (Individualized Education Program)

Removal of Unwanted Hair

Remove Foreign Bodies

Remove Insect with Warm Soapy Bath

Remove Insulating Clothes

Remove Tampon, Diaphrapm, Foreign Body


Rest in a Cool Environment

Retract Foreskin and Clean Penis Daily

Rub with Pumice After Shower

Scheduled Sleep Periods

Silicone Toe Sleeve

Sleep 7 to 8 hours daily

Sleeping on One Side (On Shoulder)



Suck on Sour Candy or Lemon to Increase Saliva Flow

Support for Sight Deficits (e.g. glasses, large print text)

Tongue Scraping

Topical Wound Care

Trendelenberg Position

Use Crutches

Valsalva Maneouver

Vestibular Rehabilitation Exercises

Voice Rest

Walking Program (Short Term)

Warm Compress Over Eyes

Warm Salt Water Gargles

Wash with Water and Soap

Wear Mouthguard

Wet Garments